Two Way Mirror Film Smart Mirror Build – Is It Possible?

One of the most expensive parts of building a smart mirror can be shelling out for a nice two-way mirror. Therefore, a lot of people have been experimenting building a smart mirror with two-way mirror film on top of regular glass/plastic instead of actual two-way glass.

» THIS is the same kind of mirror film that’s used in the project below.

While I haven’t tried this myself (yet), there are some people who have made smart mirrors using film, and the results aren’t all that bad by the looks of it.

Smart-Mirror maker Johann Reyes has been making some great smart mirrors, and used a two-way mirror film in one of his projects.

You can check out photos from the build here:

Another Smart Mirror

And here is a video of his mirror in action. Looks pretty great! So if you want to make a smart mirror on a low budget, you could try the film way, but I doubt it will be as clear as using normal two way mirror glass.

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  1. Mark Watson says:

    Do you have a product this is a mirror view for privacy during daylight and night time?and can see thru it from the inside