Smart Mirror – How to make a Smart Mirror yourself – Guides & Info


This website is dedicated to making a Smart Mirror. We are going to use this site as a resource for people who want to make their own magic mirrors, and try to help them by discussing the different ways people are making their mirrors. Here below you can read all about the three main elements of a magic mirror: The glass/mirror itself, the screen/hardware behind it and lastly, the software used to run the magic mirror software/source code.

What is a Smart Mirror?

A smart mirror is a device that serves as a regular mirror, but also as an information hub for your daily info. Most people that make magic mirrors use them to display useful information about their day, like weather, calendar events, news headlines and other info that is useful to them.

The hardware & software of a Magic Mirror

The mirror itself is created by using a two way mirror, usually made from mirrored glass, plastic or an adhesive film that is placed on top of regular glass.

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The most popular option seems to be the plastic two way mirror, probably because of its low price point and availability. The second option is mirrored glass, which is a bit more expensive and harder to find. The adhesive film option is relatively unexplored at this point (if you’ve made a mirror with it, send us a line!).

Behind the mirror is a screen that displays the info. Magic mirror makers have many options regarding screen size and type. A popular method is using a stripped down computer monitor display, but others have made their mirrors with old tablets that have been sitting unused on the shelf, like the Nexus 7.

The most popular option for hardware is using this mini computer to display the info. It is, lightweight, has a very small form factor and doesn’t require a lot of power. The info is most often displayed in a browser window running a simple script. More info on the script used to pull in the info can be found here: Complete Raspberry Pi Magic Mirror Tutorial.

How do I make one myself?

Making a magic mirror for yourself is a relatively easy and fun project. It requires basic understanding of computers, but there are several guides that you can follow that guide you through the whole process.

The parts list for making your own smart mirror can be found here. So get at it and go make your own smart mirror!