Make Your Smart Mirror Smarter With Motion Detection (Android)

7. In the task edit window, add a new action, click Alert and select Popup. Then exit the edit window.

6. Create a new State profile, select Variables and click on Variable Value.

7. In the State Edit window, type %DISPLAYSTATE eq 1 and exit the edit window.

8. Point the Variable value profile to the Display On task

9. In Android settings, go to Display and set the Sleep time to 15 seconds (or longer if you want)

10. In Android settings, go to Security and set Screen Lock to none.

By now, you have essentially done all the work. To put it to use, you open up the Motion Detector app, click the gray/blue circle icon to start the motion detector and switch your tablet over to the Full screen browser app.

Now let the tablet shut off its display and it should work!

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