Make Your Smart Mirror Smarter With Motion Detection (Android)

I have seen several discussions where people are trying to find a good way to make your smart mirror turn on when it detects motion. There are most definitely several ways to achieve this, but in this tutorial I am going to show you how to do it on an Android-based mirror that has a front facing camera. A lot of people use the Nexus 7 tablet for their mirrors, which has one, but you can use just about any Android tablet you can find.


To achieve motion detection for your mirror you will need three apps. Unfortunately two of them cost a little bit in the Play Store, but if you’re going to use them this much, it might be worth it to support the devs. And also, Tasker is one of the best apps you can spend your money on anyway!


In addition to Tasker, I use an app called Motion Detector, which has Tasker integration. And finally I use the app called Full Screen Browser to display the Magic Mirror webpage. You can of course use any Android smart mirror app that’s available. Check out the list of apps you can use here

How to set up motion detection on your Smart Mirror

1. Install the Motion Detector app on your tablet. Open it up and scroll to the bottom. Toggle the “Send” setting on and check the “Receive” option, that will allow Tasker to control it.

2. Open up tasker and create a new task named MotionDetected. Set up a Task that looks like this (You can skip the sound action if you don’t want the mirror to make a sound when it detects motion):

3. Next, create a new Tasker Event profile. Click on “System” and select “Intent Received”.

4. In the Action text box, type the following: org.motion.detector.ACTION_GLOBAL_BROADCAST and exit the event edit window

5. Select the MotionDetected task to be triggered by the event

6. Create a new task called Display On.

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