Make a Magic Mirror using DAKboard

I recently stumbled upon a post from the guys who are making DAKboard on how it can be used for a smart mirror project. I personally think it’s a great platform to use for this kind of project, since it is free and looks great. You can use your Raspberry Pi to install it on.

DAKboard is a project that is quite related to magic mirrors. It is intended to run on a small computer that is attached to a display that hangs on your wall. It displays time, calendar data, weather and all sorts of useful info, in addition to photographs and nice wallpapers. So it’s just like a magic mirror sans the mirror itself.

According to their website, “DAKboard is designed to be an always on, zero maintenance, ever changing display featuring the content that’s important and relevant to you,” which is just what you want for a magic mirror, right?

In their blog post, they explain how to set up the software and adapt it to a magic mirror project, which is really easy to do. You essentially just disable the background photos on the settings page, so you get a black background.

So if you want a good looking piece of software to run your magic mirror on, I’d definitely check out DAKboard.


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