Introducing the Magic Mirror Dashboard Generator!

For a while I’ve had the idea of setting up a system that allows anyone to create and host a magic mirror dashboard by simply filling in a few variables. So I recently went to work and created the Magic Mirror Dashboard Generator, a web app that does exactly that.

The app allows you to fill out a few variables and gives you a unique URL that you can use on many devices, such as an Android tablet/phone, a Chromecast or basically anything that can display a web page.

The Dashboard Layout

I tried to make the setup page as simple as possible. You have to sign up for an API key at OpenWeatherMap, and get an API key for the Google Calendar display module. Both are relatively simple to do.

The dash offers a 12/24 hour time format, as well as a setting to choose between Celcius/Fahrenheit. The weather module displays the wind speed, humidity & high/low temperatures.

It’s pretty basic right now, I plan to add lots of stuff to this in the future, but right now it’s pretty barebones. It uses javascript/jquery for the front-end stuff and PHP for the backend. Just like creating a Magic Mirror, I looked at this project as a learning experience. When I started I didn’t know how much about creating web apps, but learned a lot about PHP, MySQL, jquery, CSS & more, so this project was very rewarding for me!

Planned improvements include:

  • A news feed
  • A 5 Day weather forecast
  • Choose # of calendar items to show
  • Localization / language chooser
  • Custom CSS
  • Refreshing modules asynchronously
  • Different/custom modules
  • Probably even more stuff!

If you encounter any bugs/errors, please shoot me an email: or leave a comment below. Any and all help is very much appreciated!

Libraries I used in this project:

Check out Magic Mirror Dashboard Generator Here

I sincerely hope that you guys find this useful and enjoy using it. Bear in mind that even though this should stay up, this project comes without any sort of guarantee of uptime, technical support, future updates or anything else!! Refer to the site disclaimer in the footer for further info.

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