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Jay Riddell

Wandering around, it seems that Monitor Selection is one of the key selections in doing a Magic Mirror.

And I see you have a Shopping section here … which is AWESOME.

So, my question is: what are the criteria (besides screen size) for picking a monitor?
LEDs around 20 or 24 inches are only $100-140; so cost is not a CRITICAL component.

* Ease or removing bezel?
* placement of controls?
* placement of plugs?
* type of plugs?
* ???

and how does the Scepter monitor you are “promoting” do on these criteria?

Not trolling; just wanna know why you think this monitor would do well.


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    Hey Jay! thanks for posting here.

    I chose the Scepter monitor based on low price, its size and available ports. I originally used it as an article on here as an example of a cheap monitor that could be good for a mirror project. Since I recommended it I've never gotten a "complaint" about it not being good for one, at least.

    Like you point out, the main thing is to have a monitor that has an hdmi port that faces "down" and not out, and this monitor looked like it fit the bill. Plus, since it's from Amazon, it's pretty easy to return without cost and get another one :)

    I should maybe expand the monitor section of the store with more mirror-friendly monitors!


    -Jon, MMC admin