3 Reasons Why This is The Best Glass for Your Smart Mirror

When it comes to making your smart mirror project, one of the most important aspects is choosing the mirror surface itself. There are countless options to choose from. You can buy from eBay, Amazon and many other vendords. You can choose different material, e.g. acrylic or real two-way mirrored glass.

For my Smart Mirror project, I would choose the VanityVision glass from twowaymirrors.com. Why? Here are a few reasons i picked this glass:

They know what they are selling

Twowaymirrors.com specialize in selling glass to smart mirror makers. Unlike many of the other available options, which aren’t optimized for displaying information from the other side. They are rather meant to keep sunlight out or increase privacy in offices or homes.

It’s designed for smart mirror projects

The VanityVision glass reflects 70%, and functions basically like a normal mirror you would have in your home. And unlike regular two-way mirror glass, it passes 30% light through the other side, which is three times as much as regular two-way mirror glass.

It’ll look way better

Their glass is also almost tint-free, so you can even display more vivid colors on your smart mirror.

Here is a demonstration video from TwoWayMirrors, where you can really see how much difference it makes to use specialized smart mirror glass instead of normal two-way mirror glass.

So if you are sourcing glass for your smart mirror, I highly recommend spending your money on glass that will make your smart mirror look its best. There’s probably nothing more frustrating than finishing your smart mirror project and to not be 100% satisfied with the outcome because of poor choice of mirror!

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